I build robots that help people.

I aspire to build robots that make our world better. My past experiences - ranging from programming robots to help people navigate their world to designing circuits for wheel-to-track transformer robots - have afforded me with a diverse background in robotics.

To complement my robot building, I enjoy cooking overly complicated dishes, updating my collection of spreadsheets, and maintaining my map of restaurant reviews.

Hardware Projects

Pipeline Profiler

I led the electrical design for an autonomous pipe inspection robot used in the Chilean mountains.

Wheel-to-Track Transformer

I led the prototype electrical design efforts to reinvent the wheel as a wheel-to-track transformer robot for DARPA.

Smart Wheelchair

I retrofitted an electric wheelchair with the sensors needed for automation.

Self-Driving Truck Power System

I designed the electronics for a self-driving truck used for crew augmentation for DARPA.

Gesture Recognition System

At NASA-JPL, I programmed a new type of "joystick" that classifies hand gestures for controlling robots.

A Two Joint Robot Arm

For my largest NU class project, I designed the electrical system for a direct-drive, two-joint robot arm.

Software Projects

Property Chris Miller

Autonomy Shifting

A work-in-progress method for varying the amount of autonomous assistance provided by a smart wheelchair.

Task Features

An analysis of which kinematic features make using a robotic arm most difficult.

Northwestern Class Projects

A collection of my Northwestern class projects varying from controlling virtual robot swarm to programming an autonomous drone.

Wheelchair Battery Charge Estimator

I designed a smart wheelchair battery charge estimator to prevent wheelchair user stranding.

Other Projects

Personal Projects

A smattering of my personal projects.

Personal Recommendations

While this always-updating Google map of my favorite restaurants in the world isn't a robot, it is delicious.


  • Electrical Hardware Engineering
  • Controls and Estimation
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Machine Learning


  • Python, ROS, C++, MATLAB
  • Altium, TensorFlow, KERAS, scikit-learn
  • Schematic/PCB design and fabrication
  • TI, STM, Microchip microcontrollers
  • Technical writing, IRB, human trial design